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Kinetic Labs

Symmetric Long Springs

Symmetric Long Springs

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Kinetic Labs Symmetric Long Springs

These extra-long switch springs feature uniform force progression and a snappy return.

Long springs (also known as Slow springs) are compressed when installed in the switch, resulting in a slower progression of force as you press the switch and a more forceful (snappy) return on the upstroke. Many prefer slow springs over conventional linear springs.

These work wonderfully in both Linear & Tactile switches, giving a uniform to a Linear and complimenting Tactility extremely well.

Supplied in packs of 110 springs. Weight listed is the bottom-out force.

Note: We are trialling this product and there is a limited quantity of each weight due to this. Please give feedback in our Discord!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
High quality springs, works great for both linears and tactiles! Definitely a must try!

I like them a lot, great for linears, even better for tactiles.

I might just end up repeating what is already written on the product page, but that's because the description is very accurate: linears feel amazing with them, but they work particularly well with tactiles because of the snappy return (with a short pre travel switch this works wonders). I specifically tried them in Cow switches, Raed switches (both linear) and in Anubis switches (tactile). The linears felt smoother to me, and you really get to feel the linearity (if that makes sense?) because of the longer spring.

I've only tried the 58g and 63.5g ones (in linears and tactiles respectively, with two 63.5g springs specifically in two linears for the space bar), and I'm absolutely loving them.

I can't notice a difference in ping between stock and lubed, although i still ended up lubing the springs just in case.

I guess the only downside is that because of how long the spring is, when i open up a switch I have to be extra careful with it lest the switch blow up in my face. But I mean, that's how long springs are, so no biggie there!

So yeah the symmetric long springs are really nice, do give it a try whether you're a linear or tactile person since they'll work great either way!