Sustainability Statement


At KeebCats, we take the commitment to caring for our environment seriously.

With the business getting off the ground faster than even we anticipated, we’re working hard to make our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Below are some immediate and future steps we are taking to be more sustainable:


As of the 20th January, all of our mailers and shipment packaging are 100% recyclable.

We’ve also moved to 100% recycled paper for all shipping labels and packaging slips.

The fancy packaging slips have been done away with and instead, we’re using a single sheet of paper for the shipping label & order slip, allowing us to cut our paper usable by 50%.


All of our liquids and oils are now supplied in HDPE bottles and droppers. HDPE is fully recyclable so please make sure you dispose of empty containers responsibly.

Our old stock of grease lubricant tubs, made of polystyrene, will be run dry and not re-ordered. We’re currently evaluating some options for new product packaging, either glass jars for all grease lubricants something similar. Whilst this could lead to a slight bump in pricing, this is the last resort and will only happen if we cannot find an eco-friendly solution that is cost-effective. 

As such, we are moving away from supplying grease lubricants in grams and move to standard 3ml, 5ml and 10ml listings as these sizes are far easier to source containers for. 

The Future

We are currently considering a lubricant refill service and will see if we can make this a viable option. Please contact us if you like the sound of this idea.

We’ll be continuing to make every effort when shipping, importing and sourcing stock to consider our environmental footprint, and we ask all you lovely people to please dispose of any waste responsibly, or to re-use packaging where possible, perhaps to thin down some lubricants with oils.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please catch us in the MKUK Discord server where we’ll be happy to have a chat about things.