KeebCats UK KeebCats Lube Starter Kit (Tactile or Linear)

KeebCats Lube Starter Kit (Tactile or Linear)

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While stocks last, buy a SeaCAPS deskmat with this Starter Kit to receive a 20% discount on the deskmats! 

New to the custom keyboard hobby? Just want to stock up on some bits at a great price?


This Lube Starter Bundle has everything you need to get your lubing journey off to a slippery and more importantly, thocky, start!

Choose between Tactile and Linear bundles:

Linear Kit
Tactile Kit
3ml (~6 grams) Krytox GPL 205g0

3ml (~6 grams) TriboSys 3203


3ml (~6 grams) TriboSys 3204

Brush Pack Brush Pack
MX Switch Opener MX Switch Opener
Stem Holder Stem Holder
Keycap and Switch Remover Keycap and Switch Remover
3ml Krytox GPL 105 3ml Krytox GPL 105


TriboSys 3203 vs TriboSys 3204

If you’re going to be building with tactile switches then seriously consider grabbing 3ml of either TriboSys 3203 or 3204 lubricant to use on your switches instead of the 205g0 (which you’ll still need for your stabilisers anyway).
TriboSys is a lot less viscous and maintains far more tactility than more viscous lubes like 205. Pick 3203 for a super tactile feel or 3204 if you want it smoother but still plenty bumpy.


In addition, you can take advantage of some additional perks.
Grab any one of these products in the same order at a 10% discount using discount code STARTER10:

KeebCats Small Lube Station
You can use this to hold all your tools, lube, 30 switch bottom housings and stems while you work on them. It makes the whole process a lot smoother and looks darn cool while you're at it!

KeebCats Large Lube Station
With all the same features as the smaller version but holds 70 switches to get a whole 65% keyboard lubed in one go!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Starter kit

Has everything you need to start lubing your switches. Quality is good and so is price.

Alen Tomas

Could’t be happier with my first lubing set. Got everything I needed and more for a good price. Love it.

Jacob Enon
Linear Lube Kit

Very happy: delivery was fast, and the product was great quality - made lubing my first set so easy. Loved the packaging as well, made it such a nice surprise! This is a great company, will definitely order again!

Best value package for a starter kit I could find

The packaging is very nice. The quality of the products is nice too. I can highly recommend it.
cat approov

Graeme Coupar
Everything you need

First time I've bothered to lube a set of keys but this kit had everything I needed to get started (except of course patience 😅). Very happy with the results.