Krytox Krytox GPL 205g2

Krytox GPL 205g2

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 Note: Krytox lubricants have a specific gravity of 1.94-1.98 g/cc depending on the grade. Therefore 3ml = 5.82-5.94g 

Check spec sheets linked below for more detailed information.


Base Oil Viscosity @20c 


NLGI Grade

Common Uses

Krytox GPL 205 (grade 2)





Linear switches

Krytox GPL 205 Grade 2 PFPE Lubricant with a base oil viscosity of 522

Krytox GPL 205g2 is the standard grade of 205 manufactured under the Krytox brand. Thicker than 205g0 due to the addition of more microfine PTFE thickener but with the exact same viscosity and lubricating properties of Krytox GPL 205g0.

Its “thicker” consistency makes it, in our opinion, a preferred choice for stabilisers due to its better gap-filling nature. Also absolutely perfect for lubricating linear switches, just be very conservative with the amount you use and it will go a long way.

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