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Gina Macro-Numpad by KeebCats - Kit Extras

Gina Macro-Numpad by KeebCats - Kit Extras

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PCB Version


- Versatile Macro-Numpad: This board is designed to be used both as a numpad and macropad.
- Unique PCB design as it can be flipped using a daughterboard; it does not require reflashing if you decide to flip it
- Compatible with VIA/QMK
- CNC Full Aluminium Body
- Sandwich mounting with flex cuts
- Plate options: Aluminium (with flex cuts), Brass, Black POM, Woven CF (with flex cuts)
- Compatible with 1.6mm stabilisers: TX Stabs, Durock, GMK etc.
- Option for solderable LED (this will not come with the board) in both standard and southpaw NumLock keys


Layout Standard, Southpaw, Ortholinear Standard, Ortholinear Southpaw
Weight ~480g fully built with Aluminium Plate
Height 19mm front height, 32mm back height
Dimensions 111mm x 111mm (length x height)
Typing angle
Confirmed colours E-White, E-Black, Anodised Silver/Grey, E-Pink, Anodised Green

GB dates

- IC begins: Mid-February 2023 ✅
- IC ends: Mid-March 2023 ✅
- GB begins: June 16th 2023
- GB ends: July 16th 2023
- Shipping: Q4 2023 - To be confirmed

Kit contents

Top & Bottom Numpad/Macropad Case
Colour-Matched Aluminium Plate (colour matched to case colour)
PCB Pair ("Brain" Board + Matrix Board)
JST Cable
Screws + Hex Key
Bumpon Feet
The KeebCats Team's profound gratitude - We love you ❤️

🐱 Gina Macro-Numpad by KeebCats: Unleash Your Typing Superpowers!

Meet Gina, the incredibly versatile Macro-Numpad by KeebCats. Crafted to fit snugly with 60% and 65% form factor keyboards, Gina is your trusty sidekick in typing. Whether you're a gamer, streamer, accountant or Jeff Bezos, there's a Gina for you! With multiple layouts, saucy mount style, and sound-dampening cuts, Gina is not just a numpad—it's a game-changer!

⌨️ Pick Your Typing Adventure: Unique Layouts

Get the freedom to choose with Gina's four funky layout options: Standard, Southpaw, Ortholinear Standard, and Ortholinear Southpaw. And the best part? You can switch between layouts without juggling your software. Gina's got Solderable & Hotswap PCBs, letting you swap switches like a pro. Oh damn... We've accidentally built the best darn switch-tester out there 🧠

💪 Strong Yet Soft: Material Choices

What's your typing style? It doesn't matter; Gina has your back.

Whether you're a heavy hitter or a soft tapper, there's an option to suit your typing needs with Gina. Choose from the sturdy Aluminium Plate for a firm typing feel, or go for the Black POM Plate for a softer, quieter experience. We have the trampoline-like, ultra-bouncy flex-cut Black POM Plate if you're feeling frisky. Finally, turn Gina aerodynamic with the Woven CF plate; the perfect balance of typing feel and soothing sound.

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Above shows the layout options of the Gina Macro Numpad . The layouts displayed in the numpad are the hotswap PCB's, with the added 1u positions for the solder PCB's only.

Layout options

Gina comes in four different layout options: Standard, Southpaw, Ortholinear Standard, and Ortholinear Southpaw. You can choose the layout that best suits your needs, and switch between them seamlessly without the need for reflashing the firmware!

Plus, added by popular demand, there will be Solderable & Hotswap PCBs available. With the hotswap option, you can easily switch out switches and customise your typing experience.

The Solderable version allows you to flip the PCB to suit your layout-style, whereas the Hotswap PCB will come in two choices: regular layout and Southpaw layout.

  • Aluminium

    Firstly, we have the Aluminium plate. This plate option is perfect for those who love a sturdy and solid typing experience. The Aluminium plate provides a consistent and firm typing feel, making it a great option for heavy typists.

  • POM

    Moving on, we have the Black POM plate. POM adds a softer and more cushioned typing experience. The plate has a slightly deeper sound profile than other materials, making it perfect for those who enjoy a softer, quieter typing experience.

    By popular demand, we'll also be offering an ultra-bouncy flex-cut POM plate as an option, giving your fingers the trampoline they deserve.

  • Carbon Fibre

    Finally, we have the Woven CF plate. This plate option is for those who love the look of Carbon Fiber and the consistency it provides. The Woven CF plate has a consistent and firm typing feel, making it perfect for those who want a consistent typing experience with a very pleasant sound.

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