Bakeneko65 Keyboard kit - Kit contents

Item Quantity
Bakeneko65 Cast Aluminium Case with Zinc Weight or Silicone
CannonKeys Custom Foam Carrying Case (Black) 1
50A Silicone O-Ring Gasket 1
FR4 Plate with multiple layout options (ANSI only) 1
CannonKeys ANSI Layout Hot-swap PCB with cool white per key LED 1
C3 Unified Daughterboard (with ESD protection) and JST Cable 1
2u Cherry Clip-in Stabilisers 3
6.25u Cherry Clip-in Stabiliser with CannonKeys Wire 1
Custom Bumpon-compatible Silicone Feet 4
Microfibre Cloth 1
Daughterboard Screws 4
Hex key 1

Due to the mounting style of this keyboard, screw in stabilisers are not supported on backspace and space.