March update

March update

Hey all you KeebCats and kittens. 

As is tradition, we’re starting off with our obligatory blushing; thank you all so much for your orders and support. By the time you’ve read this, we will have hammered through the 500 order mark, a huge milestone for us and a real sign that we must be doing something right. It really helps fuel our motivation to keep driving the store forward and add more and more cool products for you beautiful people.

New products

The Angel by CableCarDesigns

KeebCats is incredibly happy to be the single UK vendor for the Angel by CableCarDesigns; a phenomenal 65% pin-mounted keyboard. Check out the Geekhack IC for more info here

Both of us at KeebCats are huge fans of the Prophet (CableCarDesigns’ previous 60% board) so this is a very exciting and personal release for us. The Angel features the same unique “pin-mount” mounting style and offers some of the same plate material choices and the Prophet, just in a 65% format.

The GB is set to go live on March 8th and run for two weeks. The GB is unlimited and not region locked. Shipping will be via DHL only and production has an estimated completion date of October 2021. We'll be posting out updates when the listing goes live!

Deskey Switch Gaskets

A 3mm compressible switch film has stormed the scene as the go-to switch films of choice. These are online now at the cheapest price in the UK, available in black at the moment and if they’re received well, we’ll consider adding the opaque white variant to stock too. See here for the product listing!

KeebCats Lube Stations

Our very first in-house product proved super popular during their prototyping runs and are now an in-stock product. We may make some very minor adjustments and improvements as time goes on, but they are here to stay! Grab yours here!

Stock updates

You may have noticed we’re out of stock of most of our accessories & tools such as the lube brushes and stem grabbers. We were truly caught out by demand, and have placed an order for much larger quantities which we’re awaiting delivery for. As soon as they arrive, we’ll be placing them on the site.

We’ve also experienced a couple of bumps along the way with lube supplies. We ran out of Krytox GPL 205g0 for about a week (now back in stock FYI) and as you read this we’ll be either down to our last few or completely sold out of Krytox GPL 105.

Thanks to your orders we’re now able to purchase stock in increasingly larger quantities. This will significantly help with our ability to maintain stock levels and fulfil our mission to be THE in-stock supplier in the UK for these products… We just severely underestimated how much you lot love your lube!

As always, if anything is out of stock on the site there will be a restock already ordered and en route; do use the email notifications on the product pages to receive an email when we add the incoming stock to the store.

Come join the family

We’ve launched our social media accounts this month, all linked below, as well as created our very own Discord server - where all the cool kids hang.

Hop in and hang out for product updates, giveaways, import buys and friendly chatter. Click here to visit!

Speaking of family, KeebCats & Ascend Keyboards have joined forces to allow incredibly put together keyboards for an approachable price. We are happy to announce we are the official lubricant supplier for Ascend Keyboards, and couldn’t be happier with our partnership. 

As an added extra, you can get 5% off your order with a KeebCats exclusive discount code: KeebCats (that’s the code, I’m not just repeating our name). Keep up to date with all things Ascend Keyboards on their Instagram, and catch Clozi on our Discord server.


Speaking of giveaways, to cap off a marvellous month we’re hosting a little giveaway on our aforementioned Discord server. We may or may not be giving away two care packages that have been hand-selected by our very own NorrittMTG for our wonderful community. Swing by our Discord server to enter, the giveaway opens up Saturday 6th of March and ends on Saturday 13th of March.

That’s it for this month folks. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, you can reach out to us on Discord or via our Contact Us page.

Until next time, stay safe and spread the word,


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