February update

February update

Hello there!

This past month has been CRAZY! Thank you so much for your support, all the orders and the kind words. We won’t stop reiterating it, but we never expected this much support from the community and it’s great to see.

New Additions

It’s also been a month of quite a few additions to the site, you can now find the following in stock:

The above compliments our mighty inventory of Krytox & TriboSys Lubricants.

Last weekend we also sold off a very limited run of some B-stock prototype Lube Stations, designed in house and manufactured locally. These sold out really fast and have now all been shipped out. We'd like to confirm the laser cutting issue has been fixed, the design has been adjusted to allow more space between the stem positions and it will now feature the KeebCats paw logo etched in the centre. We will be placing this revision live on the site this week.

Providing this run goes smoothly, we will then be slamming in an order to make these another permanently in-stock item and reordering regularly to keep up with demand.

One last thing, Krytox GPL 107 has arrived and will be placed on the store this month. Get ready for some springy happiness...

Sustainability Update

Now we have a confession to make… As you may have read in our Sustainability Statement, we’re committed to minimising our impact on the planet. We’ve taken big steps to move towards using only recycled and recyclable materials where possible. One aspect that we were hoping to be in a position to announce at this point was having moved to fully recyclable packaging for all our lubricants. 

Unfortunately due to our underestimating demand, the number of orders rolling in along with disruption caused by Brexit, we still have not received our new glass and aluminium lubricant jars. Believe it or not, it’s surprisingly hard to find a 5ml jar made out of anything other than non-recyclable plastics in Europe. We have 360 of the new recyclable jars en route from Spain, however, these are currently sitting somewhere. We’re not entirely sure where, but they are definitely somewhere. 

Because of this we have had to fall back on the polystyrene jars we initially used to bottle up enough of our bulk lubricant stock to ensure we remain in stock until our new packaging arrives. We are working hard to address this issue and it is at the top of our priority list. We can only apologise for not hitting the mark. We aim to be completely transparent with the community and this is a lesson learned for us.

Plate GB Update

Finally, the Carbon Fibre and FR4 Plate GB.

All units have landed with us and have been processed through QC. We will be fulfilling all orders this coming weekend and shipping to you lovely people on Monday. 

Once those are all out the door we will work out any available extras and put them up on the site. Look out for an announcement on our Instagram as well as in the MKUK Discord over the next few weeks.

Wrapping Up

Again, we just want to say thank you for your support. We have big things coming up over the next few months and are incredibly excited to be able to share the news with you fine folks.

Take a second to review us on Google, follow us on Instagram and tell your mates we’re here for all your keeby needs.

Stay safe and stay thoccy,
NorrittMTG & drunken_sailor
Discord: NorrittMTG#1661 & drunken_sailor#3941


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