Dan's Charity Raffle - Details

Charity Raffle Prizes

The Charity Raffle prizes will be based on a tiered basis. This means tiers of prizes will be unlocked after a certain amount of money has been raised!

You can purchase as many tickets as you like, each ticket will give you a chance to win the following prizes:

Base Prizes

  • 1x TX Stabilisers WK
  • 1x TX Stabilisers WKL
  • 1x Durock Screw-in stabilisers
  • 1x White mini Lubing Station
  • 1x Akko x Gateron Pinks with Milky Top x 70
  • 1x 6.25u Set of Morgrie Stabilizers
  • 10x KeebCats Switch Tester Kits (Includes Random Bulk Switches)
  • 1x Gateron Yellows x 100

£200 Tier

  • 2x Osume Deskt Mats Dusk
  • 1x Frankenswitches H1 x Lavenders + Bonus Switch Boxes
  • 1x Kinetic Labs Salmon Switches x 125
  • Dan's Accessories: Deskeys and other switch films, Equalz Cream Stab Housings, Cherry Springs, KeebCats Small Lube Station, 3D Printed Switch Tester

£350 Tier

  • 1x Kinetic Labs Whale Keycaps
  • 1x Kinetic Labs Octopus Keycaps
  • 1x Ducky Shine 6

£500 Tier

  • 1x DYSK Lumberjack Keycaps & Deskmat
  • Dan's Lube Set: TriboSys 3204, Krytox 205g0, 2x XHT-BDZ, Vertrel 30ml, 105 oil, Switch opener, and more
  • 1x Logitech 512
  • Dan's CU7: Includes, Kailh Box black switches, Tescee Diamond Linears, Kinetic Labs Hippos & Konpeitous - Tangerines and Alpacas

£600 Tier

  • 1x GMMK Pro Keyboard

£800 Tier

  • 1x Dan's Planck Keyboard + SA Dreameater Kit + Novelkeys Blueberries + Polar Panda Switches

£1100 Tier

  • 1x Dan's Unbuilt V4N4GON Rev 3.0: Silver Alu Case and Plate Kit

£1400 Tier

  • 1x Angel 65% Unbuilt: Case, Soldered + Hotswap PCBs and 2x Plates\

£3000 Tier

  • Super secret prize…