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Wired Kit Accessories Bluetooth Kit Accessories Notes
Aluminium Top Case WKL or WK
Aluminium Bottom Case
Retro Video Game Console Controller-shaped Weight - Aluminium The same Case-weight as the Class65v2
1.5mm PCB-Mount Stabilizer Plate-PC
Wired Soldered PCB or Wired Hot-swap PCB
Bluetooth Hot-swap PCB Bluetooth hot-swap PCB included 5000mAh battery
Brass Weight
ai03 USB-C Daughterboard + JST cable
Buzzer & Solenoid Buzzer & Solenoid aren't supported in Bluetooth version
Foam Kit - PORON 5mm & 3.5mm Plate Foam + IXPE 0.5mm PE PCB Sheet + 2mm Hot-swap Case Foam + 1mm Case Foam x2 + Battery-compartment Foam
Tool Kits Top Gasket-mount & Top-mount Set screws + case screws + tools + Bumpon feet + Gasket PORON + ai03 USB-C Daughterboard & JST cable
Class80 Sticker Badge
Class80 Keyboard Carrying Case